About KAIT

  • About KAIT
  • KAIT Introduction
  • Vision
  • Slogan
    KAIT will be the Best Partner for the ICT Industry.. KAIT will be the Best Partner for the ICT Industry.
  • Vision

    Frontier who creates new values in a convergence environment

  • Mission
    • MISSION 01
      KAIT establishes
      infrastructure for
      ICT convergence
    • MISSION 02
      KAIT supports Policies
      for the growth of
      the ICT industry’s
    • MISSION 03
      KAIT finds new
      businesses meeting
      customers’ needs
  • Strategy
    • 4 Major
      Business Strategies

      Represent rights and interests of members for their growth and discovery of new businesses, and play a role of public-private bridge and support useful information,
      Realize customer satisfaction by providing various services to spread the culture of using information, broadcasting, and communications services
      Support the government's policy to create an environment for using information, broadcasting, and communications services and enhance the people's ability to utilize information and communication
      Cooperate externally through multilateral networks, exchanging domestic and foreign information and providing information on discovering new businesses

    • 4 Major
      Management Strategies
      • CS Management

        KAIT puts an total effort into becoming the best customer service organization

      • Organizational Advancement

        KAIT reinforces performance-oriented responsibility management and promotes continuous organizational innovation

      • HR Advancement

        KAIT improves the expertise of human resources by strengthening education and training

      • Welfare Advancement

        KAIT creates an exciting workplace atmosphere that everyone envies