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  • About KAIT
  • KAIT Introduction
  • CI

    The spirit of Korea Association for ICT Promotion is expressed by making the KAIT logo stand out as a basis and symbolically displaying the light and speed of information and communication above and below it. Corporate Color is based on Light Green and Deep Blue, Light Green symbolizing a clear and bright future, and Deep Blue meaning facilitating organization forming for IT companies around.

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  • LOGO
    • KAIT LOGO color
    • KAIT LOGO blackwhite
  • Color System
    • Main Color
        KAIT Green C50 + Y100
        KAIT Blue C100 + Y50
        KAIT Black B100
        KAIT Gray
    • Sub Color
        KAIT Black B100
        KAIT Gold C5 + M25 + Y95 + B25
        KAIT Green C50 + Y100
        KAIT Silver
  • Horizontal combination
    • KAIT logo1
    • KAIT logo2
    • KAIT logo3
    • KAIT logo4
  • Pattern System
    • pattern1
    • pattern2
    • pattern3
    • pattern4