Member's Square

  • Members’ Square
  • Guide on Membership Registration
  • Guide on Membership Registration
  • Registration process
    Submit an application for Sign up Membership fee and annual membership fee payment Deposit accountKookmin Bank 367237-04-001975, Korea Association for ICT Promotion
  • Document for registration
    One copy of the application for admission (requested by phone or e-mail) One copy of the Company (institution) Introduction (included in the application) One copy of the representative director's resume (2 sheets of photo) One copy of the certificate of business registration
  • Service for members
    Support for product promotion of member companies Advertised in ICT media once/year (worth ₩1 million) The latest press releases of member companies to be posted on the association's website
    30% discount on booth rent in World IT Show (WIS) ※ Membership price of ₩2.31 million (₩990,000 discount) compared to regular price of
    ₩3.3 million for 9㎡ (2.7 pyeong)
    Invite the representative director to New Year's greeting meeting of ITC government ministries (Ministry of Science and ICT, Korea Communications Commission) (every January, the Prime Minister-the guest of honour), Provide free participation to the seminars promoted by the association
    ICT Statistical Yearbook (once a year), ICT Business Survey Index (BSI) Report (Monthly), etc. Free official research reports published by the association
    Provide major newsletters related to the ICT industry (public procurement service's bidding announcement, etc.)
  • Contacts
    Submission - KAIT External Cooperation Team Contacts - KAIT External Cooperation Team (06242) 11th floor, 111, Yeoksam-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul. Korea Association for ICT Promotion TEL. 02-580-0544 / FAX. 02-580-0518 / E-MAIL.