Business Areas

  • Business Areas
  • Creation of a Foundation for Communication Services
  • Delayed Payment Inquiry in Broadcasting and Communication Service

Delayed Payment Inquiry in Broadcasting and Communications Services

KAIT establishes a sound culture of broadcasting and communications service use by intensively managing credit information (delayed payment, illegal spammers, etc.) between broadcasting and communications business operators


Main Business

  • Collect and Manage
    Credit Information
  • Credit information
    inquiry service
Collect and Manage Credit Information

The association (KAIT) is an individual credit information collection agency licensed by the Financial Services Commission under Article 25 of the Credit Information Utilization and Protection Act, and does not affect personal credit, such as credit delinquency, because credit information is not provided to credit information companies and financial institutions.

  • - A. Collect and manage credit information such as delayed payment and illegal spammers in broadcasting and communications services industry: mobile phones, high-speed Internet and internet phones, cable broadcasting (CATV, IPTV), etc.
Credit information inquiry service
  • - Provide a service for inquiring credit information (charge delinquency and illegal spammer, etc.) under one's name registered in the Korea Communications Credit Information Joint Computer Network.

Business Procedure

※ Korea Association for ICT Promotion-a credit information center- collects, manages, and shares information such as overdue broadcasting and communications service fees and illegal spamming, contributing to the creation of a healthy communication market environment