Business Areas

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  • Protect Users' Rights and Interests
  • Pre-approval for Wired and Wireless Communication Service Stores

Pre-approval for Wired and Wireless
Communication Service Stores

KAIT operates pre-approval system for telecommunications service stores and salespeople, and qualification test for its sales and related workers in order to consolidate the distribution order of the market and protect the rights and interests of users


Main Business

  • Pre-approval System
  • ID Scanner
  • Training and Qualification for
    Telecommunications Sales Expert
Pre-approval System
  • ㆍIn accordance with Article 8 of the Enforcement Decree of the Mobile Device Distribution Improvement Act, mobile communication service stores are reviewed and approved according to screening items commonly set with mobile network carriers
  • ㆍApproval procedure: ① Online application registration → ② Agency's pre-approval application → ③ Document review → ④ First on-site inspection → ⑤ Pre-approval → ⑥ Agency selection (pre-approval printed out) → ⑦ Second on-site inspection → ⑧ Post-management
  • ㆍSanctions are implemented after confirming violations of the system and related laws through follow-up management such as on-site inspections.
ID Scanner
  • ㆍID scanner- an equipment for verifying the authenticity of ID cards and protecting personal information - is used for user protection at retail stores
  • ㆍID scanners are Installed in all retailers that handle mobile communication services
Training and Qualification for Telecommunications Sales Expert
  • ㆍOperate qualification test system to familiarize workers with wired/wireless communication technology, related laws such as Mobile Device Distribution Improvement Act, etc., and prohibited practices, and to strengthen the sales responsibility of workers

Business Procedure

Pre-approval System
  • Retail store/Agent
    • Online application

  • KAIT
    • Registration and Document review

  • Review Committee
    • Schedule set-up and on-site inspection (1st, 2nd round) )

  • KAIT, Mobile carrier
    • Pre-approval

  • Retail store/Agent
    • Completion

ID scanner verification procedure
  • Retail store/Agent
    • Scanner application and deposit payment

  • KAIT
    • Scanner request and registration

  • Retail store/Agent
    • Scanner use

Telecommunications Sales Expert Qualification Procedure
  • Retail store/Agent
    • Test application and payment

  • Qualification Test
    • Test and announcement of successful candidates

  • Certificate
    • Certificate request and receipt